ATF Nitro is already PRE-ACTIVATED to work with The ATF Network

Advance Turbo Flasher Nitro

New ATF NITRO Box Released! Pre-Activated!
Introducing the new 
ATF Nitro Pre-Activated Boxes...

The latest addition to ATF Team's Super 
Fast FBUS Flasher Family.

Now Pre-Activated and Ready to work with
The ATF Network.
Just connect it to your USB Port and you
will be ready to Rule the World of Nokia

Welcome to The ATF Newtork!

- Authorize RAP3Gv3 Phones (0 Credits)
- Authorize RAP3Gv4 Phones (0 Credits)
- Authorize Rapido Phones (0 Credits)
- Authorize RapuYama v1 Phones (0 Credits)
- Authorize RapuYama v2 Phones (0 Credits)
- Authorize Broadcom 21351 Phones 
(5 ATF NEtwork Credits)
- Upload SL3 BruteForce Unlock Job 
(25 SL3 BF Credits)				


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Design and Power
Unique Hardware Features.....

480 mbps HIGH-SPEED USB 2.0 Connection
( First In World )
- PC connection is 40 times faster 
than any other box in the market

100% FPGA based implementation of the
flash bus  protocols( First In World )
-Significantly faster and more stable
than regular MCU based boxes

Adjustable VCCIO Logic Levels
-Compatible with old phone model Logic
Level (3.30v)
-Compatible with new phone model Logic
Level (2.80v)
-Compatible with future phone model
Logic Level 

Ultra Fast Flash Clock currently upto
15 Mhz (First In World )
-Firmware updatable to support upto 60
Mhz without the need of hardware


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Whats New
Newly supported phone models, loaders and features.....

HARMATTAN (MEEGO) Flashing Engine Fully Supported
v8.0 Update!!

--> FULL Flash N9-00, N950 and other upcoming 
MEEGO Devices

--> Flash EMMC (Mass Memory)

--> Secure User Data Erase (Removes Phone 
User Lock and Security Settings)

--> Supports Cold Flashing via "Skip ADL Chk" 
(Use only for non-booting Devices)

[ATF Multi-USB Mode Flashing]

Flash TWO BB5 Phones at the same time
The Phones can be different models it can be "DEAD" 
or "ALIVE" This option saves you a lot of time and it 
is very EASY and SAFE to use

Unique USB Flash Procedure


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